Measuring Guide

When ordering a shower door or planning for an installation, it is important that exact measurements be taken to ensure a proper fit. The illustrations below show the most common configurations. Many other configurations are also possible, (ex. custom enclosures, tile rise(s), special angled panel(s), etc.) but are not shown. If you are unsure about your shower-door configuration, wall(s) or tile rise(s), please contact the nearest seller or Image Globe. They will measure and properly install your tub or shower enclosure.

It is important that center-line measurements be taken when measuring a tub or shower door opening. Also note if the walls are out-of-plumb or the vertical walls are not straight. This information is necessary to make sure you get a proper fit. Some doors can accommodate up to 2″ of adjustment, some allow for up to 1″, while others are built for an exact fit. So it is important that you take accurate measurements. After you are done measuring, please recheck your measurements to make sure they are accurate. This will help you avoid a lot of problems later on.

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